Executive Coaching Services

More and more, high-performance leaders are relying on coaching to reach sustained peak performance.  Coaching can accelerate the performance of
a leader, a team, or an entire organization.  We deliver custom-designed

coaching to enhance the performance of today’s results-focused executive.

Do you want to…

• Get a reality check on how your boss and colleagues view your effectiveness on the job?

• Master the skills required to get to the next level?  Up-level the skills and approach of your reports?

• Find new ways to motivate and inspire your employees?

• Improve your ability to attract a team of the best and the brightest, and create an atmosphere where they thrive?

• Get more recognition for your work?

• Improve your work relationship with a difficult boss or colleague?

Based in Albuquerque and Santa Fe New Mexico, we work with clients throughout the U.S. who want to develop a solid game plan for success on the job.  Our work together will hold you accountable for reaching the results you want to achieve.  We act as your thought partner, bringing perspective to your internal conversations, and helping you create a practical, effective plan for improving the skills you require on the job.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

Confidential, individualized help from an
objective, experienced professional coach.

An accurate and unbiased assessment of your
skills, strengths, and development needs, in the
context of your work environment.

A specific, actionable professional development plan.

A safe, expert environment in which to discuss

business issues and leadership challenges

One-on-one coaching phases:

• Analyze the executive's background and current professional context.

• Assess the executive's leadership style, including strengths and development needs.

• Provide feedback based on customized stakeholder         interviews with boss, peers and reports.

• Work together to define coaching development           goals and action plan, linked to critical business results.

• Work the plan, in partnership with an experienced,

business-savvy coach.

• Evaluate progress and measure results, adjusting the

goals and action plan as needed.

• Plan for sustained progress after coaching engagement ends.


• 360 feedback via customized stakeholder interviews

• Booth Leadership EQ 360 assessment

• Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

• Gallup Strengthsfinder®