"The content of our coaching sessions was rich and specific.  I now have solid tools and quantifiable benchmarks to reach my career goals.  Nancy's advice and insights were targeted and appropriate, actionable and smart."
- Rosemarie, Marketing Creative Consultant
“Nancy is a phenomenal executive coach. She guided me with grace and brilliance, enabling me to move forward in my career. Coaching with Nancy has been an unbelievably enriching experience.” - Lauren, CMO
"Nancy was excellent at bringing out things that I didn't even know that I was thinking about.  She quickly came up with tangible ideas for building skills needed for success today and promotion tomorrow."
- Michael, Software Director
"Nancy was very good at paraphrasing and synthesizing my concerns and giving practical exercises.  Reading suggestions were fabulous."
- Dianna, CFO
"Nancy's coaching expertise has helped me make steady progress on my professional goals. I had the opportunity to work with her during an important time in my career, and her advice was invaluable. Her approach is disarming, and she effectively balances current issues and long-term goals."
- Blythe, Communications Director
"I appreciated in particular Nancy's ability to adjust to my character and style, and her sensitive way of guiding me through pitfalls."
- Gerald, Customer Solutions Director
"Nancy was very helpful to me in sorting out a political situation at work. She pointed out things in my control and patterns of my own behavior that were contributing to the issues. Awareness is more than half the battle, and I was able to make permanent changes for the better in my next career steps."
- Carol-Ann, Firm Partner