Coaching: Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is a one-on-one interactive relationship that helps the client identify and accomplish their personal and professional goals faster than they could on their own. The objective of the coaching engagement is to accelerate your leadership capability in ways that more traditional approaches to leadership development cannot match.

Like sports coaches, we help our clients focus on their goals and how to achieve them. Through active dialogue, we illuminate the "blind spots," those obstacles that keep our clients from even greater success.  Coaching focuses on the client’s taking action toward their goals.

We help our clients recognize and develop their special talents, and move beyond obstacles.  The coach-client relationship requires a mutual commitment to action, follow-through, and accountability.

Individuals who engage in coaching can expect to experience fresh perspectives on career challenges and opportunities, enhanced decision making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence.

How would you describe your coaching style?

Clients have described our coaching style as:

• Collaborative, working in partnership with the client.

• Strong business background leading to an in-depth, realistic understanding of on-the-job challenges.

• Able to customize the coaching program and approach for the individual and design a practical action plan to meet coaching goals.

• Direct and straightforward without being confrontational.

• Trustworthy, always maintaining agreed confidentiality.

• Descriptors most often used in LinkedIn recommendations are:  Great Results, Creative, Personable, and Expert.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Have you found yourself thinking any of these thoughts?

• “I’ve been passed over for promotion at work, and I want to be the lead
   candidate next time.”

• “I received some negative feedback from my boss that was really hard to accept. 

   What do I do now?"

• “I’ve been promoted, and I need to improve certain leadership skills to ensure
   my success at the next level.”

• "I don't get the recognition I deserve at work."

• “I need to find new ways to inspire and motivate my employees.”

• “I’m having a hard time getting along with my boss/co-worker, and I’m not
   sure what to do to improve the situation.”

• “We’re moving the business in a new direction, and our people need to have
   the drive and skills to support our new vision.”

If so, you or your employees would benefit from coaching.

How does coaching work?

Coaching accelerates the client’s progress by providing greater awareness of possibilities leading to more effective choices.  The client chooses the coaching goals and the focus of each coaching conversation.  The coach lends clarity and direction by providing candid and objective feedback, and shining a light on blind spots.  Each coaching engagement is tailored to the client’s needs, talents and priorities.  The client receives a customized 360 degree report providing frank feedback, undistorted by organizational politics.

Between coaching sessions, the client takes specific agreed actions toward the achievement of goals.  Your coach provides additional resources in the form of relevant reading, tools, assessments, and models to assist the client’s thinking and actions.

As a result of coaching, the client stays motivated, makes significant changes, and achieves more in a short period than they previously thought possible.

How do you measure success?

Coach and client work together early in the engagement to determine measures of success for each coaching goal.  Throughout coaching, we check on these measures at least monthly, and adjust goals, actions, and measures as needed, based on results.  Along the way, coach and client share with each other what’s going well and what needs to change for maximum coaching effectiveness.

Why work with your company?

You will get the best results working with a high-quality coach who has faced the same business leadership challenges you do.  Other coaches have read about being an effective leader in a fast-paced high-tech setting; our coaches have successfully dealt with the difficult situations you face on the job.

Our coaches understand your organization’s culture and language.  We are experts at providing new perspectives and building skills on the job in problem solving, influencing, strategic thinking, and managing performance.

Where do we meet, how often and for how long?

We meet in person, by phone, or some combination of the two, depending on what’s best for the client.  We tailor our meetings to the client’s schedule.  Based in Albuquerque and Santa Fe New Mexico, we work with clients throughout the U.S.

Coaching sessions are held every one to two weeks for 1 to 1.5 hours per session. Clients often report significant progress within the first few weeks; results depend on the client’s circumstances and level of commitment.  Our clients work with us for three to six months to allow time for practice and integration of enhanced skills.